A Trip To God’s Own Country

I always looked forward to the trips to Kerala. It has been that way since I was quite young and it still holds a similar fascination for me. As a child I always looked forward to the summer vacation, which mainly entailed playing with my cousins literally all day or till exhaustion. Now, the anticipation is still there but the reasons are different. Going to Kerala still brings the same happiness to me. That was what I felt when I was going to Kerala a few days after my exams finished. Also I was going to get away from Ahmedabad’s blistering heat for at least a month, which was a cool (pun intended) bonus. I hadn’t been to Kerala in 3 years due to all the exams and entrances. This was a huge gap for me, as I had managed to go every year till 11th started, making this a very special trip for me.

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