So Many Books, So Little Time

This is about my experience of trying to read 100 books in a single year. At the start of 2013 I stumbled upon a post on Facebook in which one of my friends had uploaded a snapshot of his “Goodreads 2012 Reading Challenge”. His target had been to finish off 40 books and he had managed 30. It struck me that I had never thought of counting how many books I had read, I couldn’t even tell if my count would be in the 50s or 100s. I also felt sure that I could easily do 40 books a year, probably even 50 or 60. On some whim I decided to try for 100, I have no idea know why I kept such a high target for myself, and no idea why 100, but that seemed such a good round number! I knew it wouldn’t be easy, it was a tough target; and the board exams, entrance exams and college admissions that were coming up were not going to make it any easier. I had such a huge list and very little time to read it all. Frank Zappa’s quote “So many books, so little time” summarizes this perfectly.

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