Computational Science

[This was written for my college magazine. So, many references exist that may only be understandable to people from my college. Especially the ‘II’ section is highly college specific.

Quite a few people commented that the my explanation of what Computational Science is, is quite good. I have decided to publish this in the hope that this helps someone.

Note: The article is being published as was in the magazine. No editing has been done.]


When I came to this college, this new degree had just been announced. It had all the normal things but it also gave a minor in CS. Now, CS here doesn’t stand for Computer Science, it definitely doesn’t stand for Counter Strike (Although I’m sure many in our college could get one). CS is Computational Science. Now the first thing I thought of when I heard that was,  “How is that different from Computer Science?”

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Is continuous assessment more efficient than timed-written examinations?

First we shall look at the necessity for assessing the progress of students. This will help us better understand the different types of assessment-schemes so that we may compare them. The need for assessment of the progress of students is to get a better grasp of their ability, strengths and weaknesses and how they stand relative to each other. This is to help, on the one hand, the student to improve upon his/her performance, and on the other hand, to facilitate the evaluator in his/her task of evaluating.

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