Filter Bubbles and the Surveillance Model

This was co-authored with Anushree Gupta who blogs at

[Disclaimer: We don’t claim to know the exact workings of the internet so we are working with whatever knowledge we do have. Also, this touches upon quite a few things that are complexly interrelated and form feedback loops and vicious circles. Hence a linear flow may not always be found. Please bear with it.
Companies generally mean normal (non-internet) companies. “Website” has been used again and again instead of internet companies to keep the writers sane.]

The internet is basically just a lot of servers(data storage devices) that are interconnected, forming a network. Hence, interconnected+network=internet. Okay, maybe not, but essentially the internet isn’t a magical thing. It is just a collection of devices that are connected. Now keeping all these things working requires many resources. Need for resources generally implies that there is going to be a need for financial support for the infrastructure as well as the intellect working behind the scenes. In the current scenario, the Web as we know it is run by companies providing services to anyone who has access to the internet including social media, news and search among many others. Like regular companies, they need money to operate. So, how do these internet companies get money?

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