The first post

I had to start blogging. I have wanted to blog for a long time. I have been bugging many people to blog for a long time! Why? Because I wasn’t blogging myself. Why not? Procrastination. My excuse? I didn’t know what to post first. So here I am trying to write something that will work as a first post.

I should probably try to tell you what to expect from this blog. But truthfully, I don’t have an clue as to what this blog will contain. But it will certainly contain stuff about books, movies, music, maybe a few fictional stories, technical(programming and computers mostly) stuff and maybe even some philosophical jabbering. I also hope that this blog will help me to explore and find new genres.

I am hoping that this writing-of-a-blog is going to be a journey that will teach me something, help me grow.

I also hope it will be as interesting to people to read as my thoughts are to me.

Update: Any article categorised under ‘Entelechy’ has been published in my college’s e-magazine(Entelechy).


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